What is AMclub?

The term alumnus (m; Pl.:-i) respectively alumna (f.; Pl.:-ae) has its origin in the Latin language. It means "pupil", literally "the nurtured" (origin: alere: nurture). 

Originally students of a so-called "alumnat", a boarding school, were called alumnae/alumni.

Today the term alumnae/alumni refers to the graduates of a university or a similar educational institution. In a narrower sense, it may refer to a group of graduates of a university or, in a broader sense, to everybody connected to a university.

The AMclub refers to those post-graduate students who completed their Master's degree from the Department of Agribusiness and Marketing, BAU

Who will be a member of AMclub?

Our online alumni network (AMclub) welcomes back

          - Current MS students

          - The former students of AM

          - Faculty/staff member

Our alumni community is truly global, and we aim to stay in touch via communications and events with as many of our alumni as possible. 

Why do we join in the AMclub?

We invite you to become a part of our online alumni network (AMclub) that will give you access to

           - The alumni digital archive (photos, and videos),

           - Dates for upcoming alumni events

           - Information about the success of our alumni

           - Details of each alumnus around the world, and more!

 List of alumni of AMclub?

1960-70 1970-80 1980-90
1990-00 2000-10 2010-20