Master's Programme at AM

Agribusiness and Marketing is the study of input suppliers, producers, consumers, retailers, marketers, and consumers who keep the chain working profitably. 

Students have opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and practice; to develop their careers, and to deliver better and more profitable outcomes for Bangladeshi's agribusiness and Marketing sector.
Students learn to interpret, synthesize and apply information from a variety of sources. Graduates demonstrate a high level of specialized knowledge of agribusiness management and business and communication skills associated with selected areas of study.

We are committed to

To create an environment where students will learn how to use economic and business principles and develop their leadership and communication skills to prepare them for employment and to continue life-long learning.

To promote, support and improve the utilization of research findings, training programs, outreach capabilities and collaborative networks among agricultural and applied economic specialists in shaping the growth of agricultural productivity for poverty reduction, secure livelihoods and natural resource management.

To conduct applied research programs to analyze business and public policy issues and respond to high-priority societal needs.

To facilitate capacity improvement, technological innovations in agribusiness and adaption for enhancing productivity and quality o agricultural product through R & D under a competitive research environment.

To create a professional environment favorable to promoting teamwork among faculty, staff, and students as they strive for excellence in the pursuit of the Department’s goals.

Degrees offered 

The degree of Master of Science (MS) in Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness and Marketing) will be offered by the Department of Agribusiness and Marketing, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh to a candidate subject to the fulfillment of the requirements prescribed hereunder. The admitted candidate shall have to abide by the rules and regulations that are currently in force and that will be promulgated by the university authority from time to time.

Make AM part of your future

Located on the north side of the country having the most beautiful campus, you will get access to first class education and research in a stunning environment. 

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